Test Bank for Operating Systems, 3/E 3rd Edition by Gary Nutt


Gary Nutt, University of Colorado, Boulder
ISBN-10: 0201773449 • ISBN-13: 9780201773446

Operating Systems provides an understanding of contemporary operating system concepts by integrating the principles behind the design of all operating systems with how they are put into practice in the real world. Throughout, Gary Nutt provides a complete discussion of operating concepts and supplements this with real code examples, algorithms, and discussions about implementation issues. The book also includes many lab exercises that provide students with the opportunity to practice with Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

1. Introduction.
2. Using the Operating System.
3. Operating System Organization.
4. Computer Organization.
5. Device Management.
6. Implementing Processes, Threads, and Resources.
7. Scheduling.
8. Basic Synchronization Principles.
9. High-Level Synchronization and Interprocess Communication.
10. Deadlock.
11. Memory Management.
12. Virtual Memory.
13. File Management.
14. Protection and Security.
15. Networks.
16. Remote Files.
17. Distributed Computing.
18. Distributed Programming Runtime Systems.
19. Design Strategies.
20. The LINUX Kernel.
21. The Windows NT/2000XP Kernel.