Test Bank for Forensic Psychology 3/E 3rd Edition Joanna Pozzulo, Craig Bennell, Adelle Forth


 ISBN-10: 0132315602 • ISBN-13: 9780132315609

An introductory text appropriate for undergraduate forensic psychology or psychology of law courses in Canadian universities and university-transfer colleges. 

Forensic Psychology, 3rd edition is a market-leading Canadian text that provides stimulating and accessible course materials by pioneers in the field. It has coverage of both experimental and clinical topics and presents important ideas, issues, and research in a way that students will understand and enjoy, and in some cases find useful in their future careers. The text deals with topics such as eyewitness testimony, jury decision making, and police procedures, as well as content that is more clinical in nature such as the meaning of NCRMD (Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder),  and psychopathy.

The third edition has been updated to provide a broad overview of this expanding field and reflects recent changes to Canadian legislation. The authors have added a new chapter dedicated solely to the assessment and treatment of young offenders, as well as increasing the coverage throughout on psychopathy, domestic violence, and homicidal offenders.